Election and powers of the president

The City Assembly has a president who is elected by a majority vote of all city representatives.

The President of the City Assembly:

  • represents the City Assembly;
  • convenes sessions of the City Assembly, proposes the agenda, chairs the sessions of the City Assembly and signs the acts of the City Assembly;
  • refers proposals by authorised proponents to the stipulated procedure;
  • takes care of the execution of decisions and other acts of the City Assembly;
  • submits the Statute, Rules of Procedure, the city budget and other general acts to competent authorities in accordance with the law;
  • coordinates the work of the City Assembly and its working bodies;
  • takes care of the realisation of the city representative rights;
  • maintains order at the session;
  • determines a break at the City Assembly session and determines its duration;
  • oversees the implementation of the Rules of Procedure of the City Assembly;
  • announces voting results at the session;
  • collaborates with the mayor and the presidents of neighbourhood councils;
  • determines the representatives of the City Assembly in ceremonial and other occasions;
  • takes care of the publicity of work of the City Assembly;
  • cooperates with the presidents of the representative bodies of other local and regional self-government units and
  • performs other duties according to the law, the Statute, the decisions of the City Assembly and the Rules of Procedure.