Ana Stavljenić-Rukavina,
(Bandić Milan 365 - Labour and Solidarity Party)

Krešimir Kartelo
(Bruna Esih - Zlatno Hasanbegović: Independent for Croatia)



Jozo Milićević
(Independent List of Sandra Švaljek)


Rajko Ostojić
(SDP - Social Democratic Party of Croatia)


Election and powers of vice-president

The City Assembly has a maximum of four vice-presidents elected among the city representatives.

The vice-presidents of the City Assembly:
- assist the president of the City Assembly in his work;
- perform certain tasks assigned to them by the president of the City Assembly from the scope of his activity;
- during the performance of assigned tasks, they shall comply with the president's instructions.

If the president is absent, he is replaced by a vice-president of the City Assembly determined by him in writing, and if the vice-president is not determined, the president is replaced by a vice-president elected among the city representatives of the assembly majority.